Steinway Spiriocast

Ben Paterson

From Steinway Hall, New York City

The stylish mainstream Jazz pianist Ben Paterson visits Steinway Hall in New York City to perform a program of Jazz Standards including works by Kurt Weill, Cole Porter, Willard Robinson, Johny Green and David "Fathead" Newman.

ThursDAY, JUNE 20
4 PM PT | 7 PM ET | 1:00 CET (21st)

Program approximately 30 minutes.


Combining a joyful swing feel with an impeccable touch, Steinway Artist Ben Paterson has established himself as one of the most exciting pianists on the Jazz scene today, garnering international acclaim for his superb musicianship and engaging performances. Whether playing lush ballads on the piano, digging into some hard-driving blues-tinged organ jazz on the Hammond B3, or singing classic tunes by the likes of Ray Charles and Nat King Cole, Ben combines effortless technique with soulful honesty, drawing in both aficionados and Jazz neophytes alike.

   Originally from Philadelphia, Ben studied both classical and Jazz music before moving to the great city of Chicago, absorbing the unique blend of Jazz and Blues that can only be found in the Windy City. Now based in New York, Ben is poised to bring his unique talents and style to a wider audience, performing regularly at top notch venues around town, and at clubs and festivals around the world.



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