Live From Steinway Spirio Studio, Hamburg


Pianist Younee brings her spontaneous and freely composed improvisational style to Hamburg's Steinway Spirio Studio for a live performance of original works.

Program approximately 50 minutes.


Pianist, composer and singer-songwriter Younee is known for her unique and virtuoso piano playing. Through her ability to improvise and compose freely over a classical foundation, Younee has defined her own style she calls Free Classic & Jazz.

Younee’s breathtaking live appearances win over audiences around the world with their passionate radiance and charm. Her German debut album, Jugendstil (2014), was inspired by the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and other classical composers. Younee's second album, My Piano (2016), takes the listener on a highly emotional journey into a new world of piano music by way of her impressive technique and 11 self-penned compositions. Both albums reached the 1st position on the best-seller charts. Her next album will feature live recordings of concert performances from 2017 to 2019.

At the age of five, Younee had already started playing the piano and inventing her own little melodies. She has maintained and improved that ability in the course of her subsequent music studies in Seoul. Before Younee left her home country in order to further develop in Europe, she had already gained star-status as a singer-songwriter and composer in South Korea. She has written a string of hits for Korean and German movie projects, songs for pop and rock artists, as well as hits for herself. Younee has performed at the International Steinway Festival and has played with jazz greats such as Gary Husband, Nigel Hitchcock, Richard Cottle. Younee has recently been granted German citizenship and now makes her home in Bavaria.


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