Steinway Spiriocast


From Steinway Hamburg

THURsday, OCTOBER 19th
4:00 PM PT | 7:00 PM ET | 1:00 CET (20th)

Swedish jazz pianist and composer Jacob Karlzon oozes technical brilliance, rhythmic and harmonic complexity with a perfect feeling for form. He joins us live from the Steinway Spirio Studio in Hamburg for a special set of music.

Program approximately 45 minutes.


The piano virtuoso, Jacob Karlzon, likes to add edge; metal and electro all have their place in his music as well as folk songs from his Swedish homeland. With such an open attitude, Karlzon balances depth and musical ideas to achieve vibrant pulsating soundscapes ranging from light to energetic, fragile to powerful, organic to electronic, sometimes all at once. He calls this approach ‘technorganic’, a kind of improvisation which bursts out of conventional musical borders. 


How to Join

A live concert in your home, Spiriocast is an unrivaled, unfiltered audio and visual experience on your Steinway Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. 


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