Young Steinway Artist Utsav Lal performs a program of Indian folk music and Ragas, brilliantly adapted for solo piano, live from Steinway Hall in New York.

Live Spiriocast

Utsav Lal

Wednesday, July 13th @ 4:00 pm

Encore Presentation @ 7 & 10 PM ET

Program approximately 30 minutes.


Indian pianist/composer Utsav Lal, "raga pianist" is widely regarded as the rarest of pianists for his original interpretation of Indian Classical Music on a Western instrument. Utsav Lal’s music captures the innate beauty and soul of Indian Classical Ragas.
In this performance, the pianist will present three pieces, beginning with a short folk song of India. Lal will then showcase a meditative Indian Classical Raga in the traditional, solo, exploratory style of Alap-Jod-Jhala. The music is completely improvised within strict guidelines of the tradition and the raga slowly expands from a single note outward to complex waves of rhythms and virtuosic passages. Lal will then present a recontextualized version of a lighter composition from Indian devotional and folk music styles. He will perform this piece incorporating his diverse influences from Jazz, free improvisation and Irish music.



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